To Gain Experience, Bartenders Often Turn to Bartendingandcasinocollege.com

With the Skills Learned in the College, Bartenders Tend to See Opportunities Increase


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/04/2013 -- Bartenders have something to look forward to over the coming years as the Bureau of Labor Statistics believes high turnover among those in this field will lead to good job opportunities. Strong competition continues to be an issue for bartenders though so those interested in pursuing this career field need to attend Denver bartending classes to improve their job prospects.

"The Bureau of Labor Statistics points out that those wishing to work in upscale establishments must obtain vocational training or obtain work experience to move forward. When it comes to Denver Bartending Schools, www.bartendingandcasinocollege.com continues to be the place to turn," Ron Skaggs, media spokesman for the school, states.

Bartenders get paid daily, earning both a salary and tips. They make money, have fun and get to meet a wide variety of people. The hours tend to be flexible and the advancement opportunities are good, especially for those with formal training.

"Those interested in bartending frequently turn to Bartending and Casino College as the Colorado State Department of Higher Education audits the school annually and the school maintains an 80 percent success rate. This helps students to secure work in the industry upon graduation," Skaggs continues.

Staff at the Bartending and Casino College in Denver and the Bartending Academy in Colorado Springs spend their days hunting down job leads and respond to requests from various entities looking for trained bartenders. Staff then pass these leads on to students to assist them in finding a job once they complete the coursework. Students, on average, earn $15 to $20 an hour, along with tips.

Bartending involves a great deal more than just mixing drinks. Students, when taking classes at Bartending and Casino College, learn about more than 100 types of alcohol, bar equipment and set-ups, customer service and more. Approximately 200 drinks are learned during the courses to ensure the individual can accommodate the requests of patrons.

"Ensure you have the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in this career. Bartending and Casino College teaches these skills and knowledge to all students. Whether you are 18 or 80, we have a place for you in our Bartending school Denver. Contact us today to get started on your new career, one that is both fun and fulfilling," Skaggs urges.

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Offering the most cutting edge, affordable and complete mixology program available in the country, www.bartendingandcasinocollege.com provides hands on training taught by state school board certified instructors. Students who complete the program receive job placement assistance both locally and nationwide and the school remains the only bartending school approved by the Colorado Board of Higher Education. Furthermore, the school offers the lowest tuition in the state for a bartending program and yet provides top of the line bartender training, Mixology training and TIPS certification.