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To Inspire Greatness: Uplifting New Book Calls on Real-Life Stories of 'Greatness' to Empower Bold Self-Improvement for All.

Written by Ezry Mason and following months of diligent research, ‘To Inspire Greatness: Heroic Ideals, and Inspirations with Morals and Ethics’ tells powerful stories of the famous and everyday people who have achieved the impossible. Pertinent to readers from all walks of life, ‘To Inspire Greatness’ provides the boost many need to embark on their own life-changing journey of self-improvement.


Kansas City, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2014 -- While millions strive to better themselves and their impact on others, life’s realities often open the dangerous doors to self-doubt. However, finding the required boost is easier said than done. Author Ezry Mason is providing a compelling solution to this problem by empowering people through stories of the magnificent achievements of others.

‘To Inspire Greatness: Heroic Ideals, and Inspirations with Morals and Ethics’ calls on a myriad of real-world examples to help readers renew their morals, ethics and ultimately their entire outlook on life.

To Inspire Greatness is an inspirational shot in the arm for getting ahead in one’s life". The book is packed with stories about the accomplishments, and lives of everyday people who became great leaders in all types of different fields. The humdrum of everyday life can become a burden of the soul and hinder one's enthusiasm for self-improvement.

In this book To Inspire Greatness, the author Ezry Mason has compiled a captivating set of true stories about the lives of famous and not so famous people to help replenish the reader's motivation for success in life. In these times when people feel a need to have renewed morals and ethics back in their lives, this book will give them that very thing. Many of the stories are of those who sacrificed their all to help others.

They worked on scientific achievements, or utilized their personable demeanor to accomplish great feats. Hopefully readers will become inspired and encouraged by these uplifting tales to improve their own lives.

As the author explains, the stories he has compiled put life into perspective.

“Many of the stories concern individuals, both celebrities and unsung heroes, who sacrificed everything they owned in the pursuit of success or humanitarian contribution. This will hopefully allow readers to cut through the issues in their own lives and receive the inspiration they need to strive for the same,” says Mason.

Continuing, “It’s often a case of people simply needing to realign their ethics, and reading about the moralistic achievements of others can provide this vital wake-up call. Every tale is hugely uplifting; I spent many months trawling through thousands of stories and agonizing over which ones to include. I think that the final product is extremely powerful.”

‘To Inspire Greatness: Heroic Ideals, and Inspirations with Morals and Ethics’ is suitable for readers of all ages and backgrounds. With its popularity increasing, interested parties are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

The book is available now: http://amzn.to/1aWRPHA.

For more information, visit the official website: http://bit.ly/1m2YfdI.

About Ezry Mason
After retiring from years of working in both management and trades, along with owning a few small business, and being a sergeant and Instructor in the Army Corps of Engineers. Author Ezry Mason realized that most people not only needed better work ethics, but also they needed some type of inspiration in their lives when it come down to honesty and better morale's. Over all most people just need a little more of a inspirational push for doing better things within their own lives.