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To Protect & Hide Pictures, Anenigma Announces Availability of an Incredible Mobile Safe


Ruislip, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2014 -- Anenigma announces availability of an incredible mobile safe for customers, who need to protect and hide pictures. The Mobile Safe is a perfect security on moves that can be used for multiple functions, whether it’s about to hide videos, pictures, messages, or contacts; their secure safe application uses advanced privacy software. Now, one can also keep their documents away from peeping eyes without cooperating on the appearance of smart phone or tablet.

Further, this mobile safe can even lock apps so that no one else can use them and must agree that it is absolutely great and an incomparable service which gives a control over private information. They are also providing registration for their no commitment 99 usage packages and only a ‘one-off’ charge of £1.99 with Cloud or local storage included. In addition to the package, it requires no cc details and provides an email support with full help facilities.

While addressing about Anenigma Safe, a spokesperson from Anenigma mentions, “The encryption technology used in the Anenigma Safe is AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). AES has been adopted by the US federal government in 2002 after approval by the secretary of commerce. It is approved by the National Security Agency and is used worldwide. The Anenigma Safe uniquely presents a virtual color palette of tiles for the user to enter in a chosen sequence.”

Besides, they have made this desktop safe unique by the blend of a time-clock and a color coded combination file-access panel that makes it secure from hackers or strangers trying to crack or penetrate.

About Anenigma
Anenigma has identified a requirement for privacy in a world where everything is driven by passwords, specifically the need for a non-password enabled file-security storage system for the home PC. Nearly every file-stowaway product on the market relies on the worded password entry mechanism which, one believes, is flawed. At Anenigma, they have used the skills of software and design professionals to develop, upgrade and support their range of products, all of which use the colour combination system with a time limited lock-down mechanism.

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