To Quit or Not to Quit: A Smoker's Dilemma

Smokers, fret no more. Electronic cigarettes are here giving the exact taste and feel of smoking without giving too much risk on one’s health.


Ottawa, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2014 -- “Watching the smoke dance out of a cigarette is like watching a girl dance out of her dress.” – D.H Mondfleur

There are already warning signs pasted on every pack of cigarette these days. But it seems smokers don’t really mind them at all. The quick ease and the bliss a cigarette stick gives to a stressed heart and a burnt out mind is incomparable to all the bliss in the world. That is, if one is a smoker.

Most smokers are aware of the health hazards a pack or even a cigarette stick does to one’s body. However, the nicotine content of cigarettes make smokers want them all the more even if they are aware that tobacco is one of the leading causes of preventable diseases in the planet.

Smoking of cigars started as early as 5000 BC as part of Shaman rituals. It was also believed that smoking has healing capabilities during ancient times and had also became a way to show hospitality in some cultures and a sign of goodwill and diplomacy to others. As years go by, cultures drift and society changed. Smoking also evolved to become a source of pleasure and a social tool.

In the modern times, health concerns on tobacco smoke had been widespread all across the globe. Recently, innovators have come up to an idea in providing smokers with an instrument to have them experience the bliss of smoking at the same time lessening its harmful effects on the body. Thus, the invention of Electronic Cigarettes also known as e-cigarettes or personal vaporizers.

One of the leading e-cigarette manufacturers in Canada had been through extensive and rigorous research in providing the best quality Electronic Cigarettes that consumers enjoy. They do not only cater for patrons who would like to quit smoking but also pride in providing e-cigarettes without depriving the consumers of the bliss and happiness they get when smoking an actual cigar. Thus, giving the exact taste and feel of smoking without giving too much risk on one’s health.

Cancigs, Canada’s Premier E-Cigarette is the best option in the market these days. They do not only boast of high-quality, easy to use e-cigarettes but also prides in providing 100% Customer Service Satisfaction all throughout Canada. Most of all, they cater to consumers who would like to have an alternative in cigarette smoking and provide a safer alternative to people who smoke.

So stop the dilemma. If you want to quit now, start using CanCigs. The best choice is e-cigarette smoking.

About CanCigs
CanCigs is 100% Canadian owned and operated located in the heart of the Nations Capital. After nearly 1.5 years of research & development, they are happy to announce that they have partnered with the world leader in electronic cigarette design and manufacturing and they are proud to introduce consumers to the most technologically advanced and superiorly crafted electronic cigarettes sold in Canada today.

Through their extensive research, they have concluded that the overwhelming majority of consumers who are using electronic cigarettes would prefer to always have a pre-filled, fully charged e-cigarette on hand that is ready to be enjoyed at any moment. These same consumers also indicated that they would rather not have to deal with the frequency of filling the cartridges with e-juice and the tedious, time consuming process of cleaning the atomizers every few days. For these reasons, they have focused on their product line to meet the consumer demand.