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To Save Time and Effort, Businesses Flock to Flevy, the Online Business Document Marketplace


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/13/2012 -- Creating presentations and various business documents is part of everyday life for most businesses. These documents can include PowerPoint presentations that provide an overview of business strategy and Excel models that calculate capital or risk assessment matrices. Businesses use these kinds of documents on a regular basis within a variety of divisions, such as corporate strategy, finance, IT, sales, and management.

Often, businesses independently create documents that end up closely resembling those of other businesses. The same basic strategic, financial, operating, and risk models are used for almost every kind of company. When differences among companies do exist, the same models can often be used after minor adjustments. This is even truer for presentations.

As a result, a new website called has been generating a lot of attention among business of all sizes, because it is allowing them to access a comprehensive base of business documents suited to all of their needs. explains how the website is beneficial to all businesses:

“Whether it's pricing a new product, selecting a technology solution, or implementing a policy change, chances are countless people have gone through the same work you are about to undertake. You can find examples of their work, analysis tools, presentation templates, and other related business documents on Flevy. Use them to circumvent countless hours of work and unnecessary headaches.”

Businesses who want to start saving time and effort can visit now to see all the different business documents and models that are available to them. The documents are categorized by business function, like Strategy, Marketing & Sales; Operations; Corporate Finance; IT; HR; and Risk. By visiting the Strategy, Marketing & Sales category, for example, management can find useful presentations that summarize the Blue Ocean Strategy — a technique developed in the best-selling book of the same name. Plus, marketers can find many analytical models and presentations that can be used for determining and presenting the marketing mix of different products.

In addition to browsing through the document library by business function, businesses can also filter results by industry, allowing professionals in manufacturing, energy, financial services, consulting, healthcare and more to find documents that are specially adapted to their needs. Plus, business professionals can add additional revenue streams and increase income by selling their documents on the Flevy marketplace.

Flevy is the most comprehensive marketplace for these types of documents and allows business to both find and share documents for a wide range of functions.

About Flevy
Flevy is a marketplace for business documents, ranging from Excel financial models to customizable PowerPoint templates to "how-to" business frameworks. Flevy was founded under the principle that companies waste a lot of time and money recreating the same foundational business documents. All organizations, from startups to large enterprises, can use Flevy — whether it is to jumpstart projects, to find reference or comparison materials or just to learn.

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