"To the Bridge!" A New Pilot to Start Production July 13th


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2013 -- Actress/Producer Hallie Jordan of “Small Red Star Productions” and collaborating partners Jon and Danielle Artigo of “Artigo Indie Films”, announce that they have started production on a new pilot called “TO THE BRIDGE!”.

About the Pilot
When two women (Jordan and Artigo) are scorned by the same man at the same time, they plot their revenge. With a whirlwind of unexpected twists, they find themselves uncovering a new career path as artists in the realm of cheater justice.

About the Creators
Jon Artigo who is most known for his feature film work, such as director of STILL GREEN (starring Sarah Jones of Alcatraz), and most recently the Writer/Director of BOYBAND (starring Robert Hoffman of Step It Up Two) is also the creator of TO THE BRIDGE. This is his third television pilot in the past 18 months.

Danielle Artigo, wife of Jon Artigo and co-owner of Artigo indie Films, is the mastermind behind all things production. With a history in the industry as a SAG franchised talent agent, as well as an actress and acting coach, Danielle knows the ins and outs of making a successful production better than most. She is currently signed on to co-star in “TO THE BRIDGE!” and will be Producing alongside Hallie Jordan.

Hallie Jordan is an actress- and now producer- with a background in theater performance who has worked on and acted in many indie productions (including an upcoming movie starring Michael Beihn). She is also one of the show runners of “TO THE BRIDGE!” and co-star to Danielle in the show. After graduating from the University of Redlands last year, this 23 year old will give you a run for your money as one of the youngest show runners in Hollywood.

This is the first collaboration of the two production companies, both of which are thrilled to be filming on location in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, and San Francisco, in addition to Los Angeles. The pilot will be shot on the Red Epic, and is set to be released for distribution prior to the holidays.

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About Artigo Indie
Artigo Indie is a motion picture production company dedicated to developing and producing unique and groundbreaking independent films. We strive to produce films that move us, make us laugh, remind us of our humanity, and simply entertain.