Today Many Women Are Going Through a Transformation as It Relates to Their Identity as a Woman

Tuesday June 14 2016: on the Voiceamerica Empowerment channel (http://voiceamericaempowerment.com) Telishia Berry will be a guest on (Precious Predicaments ) Jeannette Abney's show which airs 11AM PST. Together they will discuss the many different roles of women. They will talk about the choices, struggles and challenges that many woman face as today.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/13/2016 -- In Today's world many women are going through a transformation as it relates to their identity as a Woman. Women are often misunderstood as it relates to their power, knowledge, courage and strength. Our roles are constantly in conflict with the norms of society, and how it relates to role of wife, mother and as a child of God. Jeanette Abney along with her guest, Telishia Berry will address in this show the overt expression and attitudes towards the Women, together they will seek to better understand The role of women in today's society and help encourage and empower them.

About Telishia Berry
Telishia Berry is the mother of four, a speaker, playwright, author, radio host and publisher of The Courageous Woman Magazine, an inspirational publication that highlights the accomplishments of extradinary women. Telishia is also the host of The Courageous Woman Radio Show which has reached over 1 million listeners. It airs on ICBS Radio 111.3 FM in Los Abgeles and online at jranstudious.org. Currently, Telishia is a talent manager for Rockwell and Stein Management Inc. a talent firm in Beverly Hills. Telishia is the author of The Baptist Junkie, a Christian fiction drama about faith, family and redemption. She is currently preparing to launch her second book, Girl Get Yourself Together a nonfiction book that encourages women to focus on being their very best mentally, physically and spiritually.

About Jeannette Abney
Jeanette Abney is a mother of two adult children and the grandmother of five. She has endured and overcome many personal struggles and experiences throughout her life. She is a creative business woman and enjoys sharing her life experiences by educating along with utilizing her godly wisdom to help others heal through their personal life journey in a humorous and comforting therapeutic manner. As a young woman being raised by a single mother in the inner city of Compton, California and being the oldest of three females, Jeanette never accepted no as an answer. Jeanette was always viewed as smart yet tough in many aspects of her life. It was not until she left Compton in 1986 at the age of 19 that she got to see what the real world was like. She knew that she had the heart to help others yet she had a vision which she believed to be within the Criminal Justice Field. She wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. After being rejected by many and being denied employment opportunities, Jeanette went on to educate and empower herself while being employed as a school bus driver. She later stepped out on faith after enduring other employment obstacles to purchase businesses in Orange and San Diego Counties, JA Precious Inc. and The Center for the Treatment of Addiction Inc. without having any prior business knowledge. Jeanette has since touched the lives of many and would like to continue her journey as she assists others with their PRECIOUS PREDICAMENTS.

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