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Today's Growth Consultant Announces the Launch of Income Store and Affinity Partnerships

Providing “Growth Strategies” to detailed “Passive Income” plans, Today’s Growth Consultant is again leading the way in “S-Curve” revenue for its clients and partners.


Minooka, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2012 -- Ken Courtright, founder of Today’s Growth Consultant (TGC), has been consulting and growing businesses for 20 years. However, nothing prepared him for their current growth curve. In fact, the company’s recent growth will have them filling out paperwork next spring as one of the 500 fastest growing companies on the Inc.500 list.

TGC’s core business has them creating ‘Authority Websites’ in which they partner with experts in a field, providing the ‘Authoritative’ content for each site.

“We partner with true authorities in a given vertical. Our partners have to verifiably be along the lines of a professional athlete, business owner, teacher or have an uncommon drive to succeed” Courtright explains.

Once a partner is vetted and they’ve committed to providing the weekly content to the site for six months to two years, the fun can begin.

Courtright is beaming about three different company announcements.

He continues, “2012 has been a blur. In January we rolled out Income Store, which takes our split of the Authority Site’s revenues and re-invests it into buying other sites in the same vertical. Income Store can also stand on its own and allow us to buy sites for site partners that would like more income per month, but have no desire to write or be part of the creative of an ‘Authority Site’.

Our second major move and most strategic move to date was to promote Laura Miller, this past April, to C.O.O. to oversee all of TGC. I joke a lot about Laura’s two Ivy League degrees, but there’s a lot said in a joke. Laura runs circles around me when it comes to the complete coordination of all that we are doing. We decided to have me head up Income Store through the rest of 2012, mostly to get me out of the way. In the last two months Laura has already made sweeping changes to both protocols and personnel.

Finally, and probably the most exciting to our site partners, is that my Brother Bill Courtright began our ‘Affinity Partnerships’ division on June 20th. Bill’s been with us, in some capacity, since the early 90s. Bill’s division does something remarkable - it provides a platform that allows our sites to make money, regardless of the site’s traffic.”

Bill shares his Brother’s excitement.

“The whole point of everything is for the site partners to have a passive income to leave behind or sell. The fact that we now have a tested approach and method that will allow our sites to generate consistent revenues outside of the standard ad revenues, no matter how niche their topic, is extraordinary” he explains.

About TGC,
TGC, like all generationally successful companies, is forever exploring the edges of success. Starting in the sign business in 1992, Courtright’s businesses have helped grow close to 3000 companies in 20 years.

Miller believes that, “The ever-changing Google landscape has made it evident that authenticity and true authority win the day. Quality content that drives social interaction has been and will continue to be the driving force behind online success and the TGC model.”

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