Today's Fitness Trainer Announces Visual Insight Into Evolution of Modern Fitness

Already one of the world’s most respected fitness and health authority websites, today announces an infographic that takes users on an exciting journey through some of the vital milestones of modern fitness.


Minooka, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2012 -- For millions around the world, is a life-changing fitness and health portal. Boasting an expansive range of resources and information, all based on scientific fact, the site’s contributing experts are quickly dominating the online wellness industry.

Taking their offering to the next level, the website today announces an exciting infographic which provides a visual journey into the evolution of modern fitness trends.

“Our large new infographic is stunning. It highlights a number of true fitness icons who have changed the wellness landscape forever” says Lani Lugar, who is responsible for the website’s marketing.

“We created it in conjunction with the fitness gurus who provide the content for our website. Each icon is coupled with a bubble of written information and facts. It’s a bit like scrolling your way through fitness history” she adds.

Today’s Fitness Trainer also provides a myriad of different resources covering weight loss tips, a rundown of the best fitness Apps, technology & fitness , personal training certification (including Zumba fitness) and even a section dedicated to celebrity fitness.

The site also places a special focus on their industry expert-created diet, nutrition and workout programs ‘for dummies’.

All resources are geared towards both beginners and industry professionals alike.

“We cover topics from all spectrums. This allows beginners to fully understand everything they read, while ensuring that information is engaging and in-depth enough to satisfy the demands of health and fitness professionals” Lugar explains.

Direct tips are also delivered via video. The growing video library at Today’s Fitness Trainer includes advice on how to slim the waist, how to calculate body fat percentage an how to calculate heart rate.

With a focus on user interactivity and discussion, the site’s contributors remain active across social media channels. Today’s Fitness Trainer has a dedicated Facebook page and Twitter feed, each providing exclusive tips, articles and advice.

To dive into the site’s content and get on the road to a fitter and healthier life, please visit:

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