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Todd Burrier Launches the Million Lives Team


Westminster, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2014 -- Some people are wandering around life, confused about their purpose and ability. Without any understanding of personal ability and potential, some people are wasting their life because they’re either in the wrong career or they’re unsure of what they can do.

Todd Burrier is a personal development and business coach. He’s coached numerous people, from the average worker to top CEOs, and all have received remarkable value from his training.

Now, Burrier isn’t keeping his coaching to a minimum. He’s opening his personal development strategies and plans to a whole community of people through the Million Lives Team . He’s asking for no financial risk or hype from the people who sign up. He simply wants to help people discover areas of their life that are valuable and successful.

Burrier didn’t grow up with incredible gifts or financial success. He actually comes from humble beginnings, which allows him to relate to anyone and everyone. But it’s his humble beginnings and first 28 years of confusion and wandering that has enabled him to create personal development strategies for people to get their lives on track both personally and professionally.

“My innate shyness, low self esteem, social awkwardness, and bad luck, were to blame for my complete lack of success in almost every area of my life. It wasn’t until I took responsibility for my life and career that things really started to change,” Burrier says.

Through the Million Lives Team, Burrier is hoping people join with others to create value in life for each other and become a community devoted to turning potential into success.

Learn about the Million Lives Team, how you can sign up for free and become part of a growing community dedicated to living a passionate and exhilarating life: