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TokaySEO Releases a Newer and Better Website Version: Revelation Investigative Services


Fort Worth, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/06/2015 -- TokaySEO is a leading website developer in Fort Worth Texas. With a founder that has always been passionate about computers, TokaySEO has made countless websites for a wide range of clients. Now, the company prides itself in releasing a new and better website version for their client, the Revelation Investigative Services.

With the release of this new website version, TokaySEO is very much proud of the results of their efforts. The website is now looking great, with updated relevant content as well as distinctive appearance. The site is definitely looking much better than before. With TokaySEO's Search Engine Marketing expertise, the site will now be able to drive more traffic and leads.

Aside from the fact that Revelation Investigative Services now has an SEO optimized site as its main marketing strategy, the company's excellent services are actually what keep traffic and leads coming to the site. When people need investigative services, it is Revelation Investigative Services that has the right team of licensed investigators to do the job.

The company is definitely helpful when it comes to offering private investigative services so that each party's side is investigated properly. Since police officers and investigators have quite a lot on their plate, private investigators are the best asset that can investigate the side of the story of the injured party.

With their new website, a lot of people will be able to take more notice of what Bob Beasly of Revelation Investigation has to provide. As stated by Benson Varghese from VersusTexes, "I have used Bobby Beasley to investigate a number of misdemeanor and felony cases. I have always been impressed with his investigative skills, ability to think outside the box, and deliver results. I have been able to secure exceptional results in each case that Bobby has worked on."

This statement is a proof of what Revelation Investigative Services can provide. When it comes to skills and expertise, Revelation Investigative is at par with any investigative company out there. Now with the help of a newer and better version of their website, it will be easier for people to get a hold of this company's excellent services. No longer will people look further as Revelation Investigative Services is at their fingertips.

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