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Toll Free Numbers Made Easy, Toll Free Done Right. Now Through April 15th, Get a Vanity Toll Free Number, Just $15 Per Month from Custom Toll Free

For just $15 a month to get a toll free number, a powerful and expected amenity for any business—no matter how big or small.


Mill Creek, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2013 -- Whether troubling or rewarding, love it or hate it, tax season is upon us. This year Custom Toll Free is looking to take on the 2013 tax season by offering returns of their own: a great deal for customers. Between now and April 15th, customers can get a toll free number at the rate of $15 a month.

Regardless of whether or not customers owe or are expecting Uncle Sam to come through with that lump sum they have long anticipated, Custom Toll Free, the national leader in vanity toll free numbers, is bringing a little extra relief in the form of a toll-free number at a bargain monthly rate. A vanity toll free number, armed with features such as call-forwarding, call-tracking, reverse look-up tools, full access to Custom Toll Free’s amenities, and excellent customer service.

For any business in any industry, big or small, vanity toll free numbers from Custom Toll Free function to increase the value of a brand through improved accessibility and visibility. Just by putting a vanity toll free number on a business card, top-fold of a website or even a bus stop bench, the ratio of conversions per customer vastly improves. Also, bear in mind that the easy-to-remember nature of a vanity toll free number gives customers a peace of mind.

So during the crunching of numbers and scrambling for write-offs and deductions, Custom Toll Free has jumped in the mix with this special deal on vanity toll free numbers. Toll free numbers made easy. Toll free done right.