Tollers Encourage Digital Assets to Be Considered in Wills


Northampton, Northamptonshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2017 -- With more and more facilities and accounts available online, Tollers are encouraging people to start considering what will happen to their digital assets when they die, via stating their wishes on their Will.

In many cases, it is not made entirely clear what will happen to a person's digital assets after their death, and the rights account holders have over their online details. However, many people consider their online assets to be highly worthy, and can include anything from online banking accounts, to eBay accounts, to betting and gaming accounts and even social media accounts such as Facebook.

All of these accounts often hold private information on them such as banking information, records of communications and even photos of the person who controls the account; all of these require passwords for access. Should the passwords not be endowed to an inheritor, it is possible that large amounts of money and assets tied up in online savings accounts, credit on shopping sites, and even credit on gambling sites, could be lost.

It has been suggested by professionals that the issue of online assets is rapidly becoming increasingly problematic for many families who are left struggling to organise a deceased person's estate.

Tollers are a leading law firm who specialise in Wills, and with the issue of digital assets in mind, they are now encouraging clients to take their online assets into account when writing their Will. This will prevent any disputes and confusion surrounding the Will later down the line.

Tollers advise their clients that some online accounts have varying rules regarding what will happen to the account user's information upon their death. Twitter, for example, refuse to give access to any third party of the account, even after the person's death, but will work with a personal representative if stated in the Will. Companies such as Facebook, however, have settings which allow the user to choose what will happen to their accounts after their death, however many people are unaware of this facility.

Tollers are able to help with Will writing facilities, no matter the complexity of the estate and circumstances. Aside from offering specialist help for Will writing facilities, Tollers also have a great deal of experience in dealing with Will disputes and contesting Wills, among other law facilities such as personal injury cases, business law cases, and any issue regarding personal law.

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