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Northampton, Northamptonshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2017 -- Leading law firm Tollers are in support of professional women who believe it is their decision as to whether or not they wear high heels in the workplace, among other issues regarding workplace discriminative dress codes.

For many years, it has been an illegitimate expectation that professional women should wear high heels for work. Recently, this issue has been brought to the forefront of peoples' minds as it has been described as a sexist discrimination in one particular case.

The issue was first brought to light by Nicola Thorp, an agency worker who was sent home from work as a receptionist at a finance company without pay after her refusal to wear heels. After which, Nicola Thorp has been raising awareness of the issue she faced via a petition, which has inspired many to stand up against everyday sexism.

Unfortunately, this unlawful behaviour is not limited to demands regarding high heeled shoes, with cases having been reported of employers also ordering female employees that they should wear a certain amount of make-up, along with revealing clothes. In some cases, it has even been reported that women have been asked to dye their hair.

The petition has reached 152,000 signatures, and the case has gained much publicity following a mass support from professionals all over the UK.

Following the incident, it has been said that laws against this sexist behaviour should be more readily enforced, and MP's have suggested that higher fines along with more awareness on this topic should be introduced into society.

Tollers are a leading law firm who have much experience in the sector of dealing with cases of discrimination in the workplace. Tollers maintain that dress codes may well be essential for many roles, but the requirements should remain the same for both sexes. It is also essential that employers have justifiable reasons for genuine business requirements; do not restrict the individual's right to govern their own appearance; and do not have an impact on the health or comfort of the employee.

Tollers understand that dress requirements should follow these regulations and if not, they can cause personal issues for the employee and can cause the employee to feel as though their workplace is unfair as they are being discriminated against.

As well as supporting professional women in the workplace, Tollers are also specialists in supporting other business legal services, personal law cases and personal injury cases. Tollers are regularly involved in charitable events for organisation such as Age UK and Willen Hospice, and are considered to be a highly reputable firm.

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