Tom Church Seeks Crowdfunding for America's Next Olympic Hopefuls

Support equipment needed for Youth Olympic Hopefuls Ages 10-25.


Lake Placid, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/17/2014 -- Lake Placid was the home of the Winter Olympics and is the current home for young people who could very well be future Olympic champions. The Red Devil Bobsled Team is organized for the purpose of supporting the sport of Bobsledding throughout the Adirondack Mountain Region and surrounding areas. The team is 100% focused on developing and educating athletes ranging in ages from 10 to 25 in bobsledding and sliding sports.

It’s an established fact that youth who participate in a sport receive training, guidance and equipment that promotes a positive learning environment. This positive learning environment promotes not just athletic abilities but also basic life skills, leadership and sportsmanship.

Young people who have a well-rounded childhood that includes athletics are better prepared for life and Tom Church is proud to be the team manager that makes this happen.

Tom works with current bobsledders, coaches and Olympic medalists that help guide his team in the right direction in becoming the best they can be in this sport and in life. Tom is no stranger to bobsledding as it’s been a family tradition since 1942. Tom himself was an Olympic hopeful for the 1988 winter games.

Taking into consideration there is only one functional 4 man training sled in Lake Placid and it’s owned by New York State coupled with the fact that the USA Bobsled Team only allows current team members to practice on their own bobsled, the need for The Red Devil Bobsled Team to have their own bobsled is clear.

Crowdfunding in the amount of $8,500 is sought to purchase a used 2013 4-man bobsled in excellent condition and have it shipped from Cortina Italy. When one considers a new bobsled costs $22,000, this crowdfunding goal is very modest and reasonable. The bobsled they hope to acquire is expected to last thirty years as it’s used to train Olympic hopefuls year after year.

This crowdfunding campaign ends on December 31, 2014.

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