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Tom MacKay Amazes People with His Unique Mind-Reading Performance


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/24/2016 -- reported that a few days back Tom MacKay amazed the audience with his mind blowing mental magic performance at a party. His unique style of magic left people shocked and amused, and because of his amazing mental magic, the party was a huge success and at the party tens of people requested him to perform at their parties as well. "Tom Mackay did an amazing job, he entertained my guest and left them all talking about my great party. So now in the future, why would I ever hire a standard magician when I can hire Tom!", stated the hostess of the party.

Tom MacKay is an experienced psychologist and a mentalist of the United Kingdom, he is a member of the most respectable Magic Circle and has been performing as a magician, mentalist, keynote speaker, presenter and a psychologist since many years now, and because of his extensive experience in the field of magic and especially mental magic – he is always high on demand and people have to hire his services days before their event, because he always has a very busy and tough routine. But, offers its customers the facility of easily hiring the high-on-demand mentalist,Tom MacKay with the convenience of just a few clicks.

Tom Mackay performs all different sorts of magic like Magic, with cards, Magic with sponge balls, Magic with metal bending, Mind reading, and Magic with coins. But, the kind of magic Tom MacKay enjoys the most is mental magic or Mentalism. That is a kind of magic that comprises of mind reading and mental tricks that leave people amazed. This kind of magic is still not very common. Very few magicians know the real art of mental magic or Mentalism, and Tom MacKay is one of them. Apart from his great magic skills, he has a great personality as well and he knows the art of engaging people with him. So, no matter if one is looking for a wedding magician, a magician for birthday parties, or magician or a keynote speaker for any other event; they can hire Tom MacKay can very easily through

Though, there many magicians for hire over the internet nowadays, but Tom MacKay can perform Mentalism which is something unique and something different that would completely engage the audience of the party and leave them talking about Tom MacKay's amazing magic and the amazing party for years to come.

About Tom MacKay
Tom MacKay is an experienced and world-renowned magician and a psychologist; who is a member of the esteemed Magic Circle and has performed on many international platforms successfully. For more information and hiring Tom MacKay, please go to