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Tomorrow in Space Makes Space Exploration Accessible for Everyone with Their Unique CubeSat Program

Now, anyone can send a satellite into space and can explore the universe. Tomorrow In Space launches their CubeSat Program, allowing anyone to send a satellite at a cost of just £20k.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/21/2015 -- Come 2018, and anyone can be a rocket scientist with own satellite to invade into the space. Tomorrow In Space announces about their unique CubeSat Program, which will allow people to send a satellite into space at a fixed cost of £20k per satellite. The project is expected to launch in the year 2018, and one can start booking for this unique space exploration as of now until the end of 2016.

According to the spokesperson of the company, the CubeSat program will make space exploration more accessible for common individuals. With own satellite, one will be able to explore the vast universe and besides fun and excitement, it will bring a significant amount of data or information for an individual space explorer and hopefully inspire the next generation of space explorers and engineers.

When asked how they managed to keep the cost at such a manageable level of sending satellites, the spokesperson reveals, "A combination of simplicity and quanity will help us to reduce the cost of sending satellites into space. We are planning to send pico satellites like the CubeSat into the lower Earth orbit. At the same time, we plan to send a number of satellites of the same specification in one go, and this will again bring down the overhead cost."

He, however, did not reveal the exact launch date of the satellite, but it is expected to take place in the early 2018. And they have started booking for the slots and the orders will be accepted till the end of 2016 only. Thereafter, they will not accept any more pico satellites to be the part of their space exploration program. The spokesperson maintains that their unique program brings a significant cost saving for individuals or organizations that want to put their own satellite into the earth's orbit. Otherwise, a huge cost is involved when it comes to space exploration by sending own satellite.

Tomorrow In Space intends to bring and more and more people together for this space exploration program, so that it can bring down the cost in a significant manner. To know more about this unique program and to be a part of it, one may visit the website

About Tomorrow In Space
Tomorrow In Space is a unique space exploration program, allowing individuals or organizations to send their pico satellites into space at an affordable cost. Several pico satellites will be launched together in early 2018, and one can place orders through the year 2016.

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