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Tonna Helps Improve Rochester-Area Water Quality

Respected service provider creates personalized water treatments for residents


Rochester, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/12/2019 -- The summer solstice will arrive on June 21—which means the summer season will soon be in full bloom. As the weather heats up and residents start quenching their thirst more often, Tonna would like to remind homeowners about the importance of clean, purified water. With Rochester's reputation for hard water—both drinking and cleaning—it is imperative that residents take precautions when it comes to their H2O.

Fortunately, as a leading water treatment expert in the Rochester area, Tonna has solutions—such as reverse osmosis drinking water systems in Byron—that can remedy even the hardest, most unpurified water. Homes that experience any of the following symptoms likely suffer from poor water quality:

- Bitter metallic taste
- Spotty dishes and itchy clothing
- Mineral buildup on appliances

Fortunately, for residents who experience these issues, there are solutions. For answers to water containing calcium, iron or other mineral buildup, Tonna offers the following options:

- Deionization Water Treatment
- Iron Removal System
- Salt-Free Water Filters
- Water Testing
- Water Softeners
- Water Purification Systems
- Bottle-less Water Coolers
- Commercial and Ag Water Treatment
- Reverse Osmosis Drinking Systems

Homeowners with questions and concerns about their drinking water can call this respected contractor to schedule an on-site water testing appointment. As always, Tonna's experts are highly committed to helping provide the safest, purest water in the Southeastern Minnesota area.

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