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Tonna Mechanical Announces New Fall Special

Rochester’s “Just Right” Company offers exclusive sale on water softener service and installation.


Rochester, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2016 -- Tonna Mechanical, a full-service HVAC, water quality and plumbing contractor in Rochester, MN, is pleased to offer special savings on its cost-effective, high-quality water softener systems.

In Southeastern Minnesota, water is five times harder than the national average. For area residents, this means quite a bit for their homes. Hard water is water that contains a high percentage of dissolved minerals, mostly calcium and iron. Though these minerals are invisible to the naked eye, they still leave quite a mark. With a buildup of hard water, appliances will take a beating—leading to spotty dishes and glasses, as well as scratchy clothes. Despite the burdens brought on by hard water, there is something that individuals can do about it.

At Tonna Mechanical, the company's team provides water testing in Rochester, MN, to help customers identify the problem and enjoy safer, better-tasting water. Depending on what's found in the water supply, homeowners may or may not need a water softener. A clear indication that a water softener system is your best bet is if your water supply has a high concentration of calcium and iron. Then, from installation service to repair work, the company will tackle the entire lifecycle of a water softener.

For those who are in need of a water softener system, Tonna Mechanical is here to make the switch easier and more affordable. And so, now through October 31, 2016, the company is running an $850 water softener installation special*.

"We are extremely happy that we're able to extend this offer to our valued customers," Tonna Mechanical owner Patrick Murphy said. " This way, we can ensure that Rochester residents are living with softer, crystal-clear water."

Celebrating 40 years of HVAC service, Tonna Mechanical handles provides comprehensive water treatment and plumbing services in Rochester, MN. With free on-site water testing in Rochester, MN, the Tonna Mechanical team will analyze and diagnose customers' water, and then prescribe a personalized plan. Plus, as the only Hellenbrand dealer in the area, Tonna technicians are equipped to install top-of-the-line water purification systems and water softeners in Rochester, MN.

Those interested in Tonna Mechanical's water treatment and plumbing services are encouraged to call 507-216-4610.

*Offer expires 10/31/2016. Valid for all customers. Applicable for 32,000 grain softener. Interest-free financing available with minimum purchase of $1,500.

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Opening its doors 40 years ago, Tonna Mechanical is regarded throughout Rochester, MN, as the team that quickly restores indoor comfort. Offering heating, cooling, ventilation, water treatment and plumbing services, Tonna Mechanical's vast expertise delivers newfound comfort in every corner of homes and businesses alike. The company serves most of Southeastern Minnesota, including Rochester and the surrounding communities.

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