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Programmable thermostats, zoning are key


Rochester, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/25/2017 -- Comfort is very subjective. What one person finds comfortable another can find entirely unpleasant.

Knowing this, Tonna Mechanical carries programmable thermostats and zoning solutions to give customers ultimate climate control. No more thermostat wars, no more hot and cold spots. Just affordable, customized comfort.

Tonna carries a wide range of thermostats and zoning options from Carrier and Honeywell because these two manufacturers are the best in the business, offering top-of-the-line products with exceptional quality and value. When Tonna isn't providing cooling and heating repairs in Pine Island, MN, and throughout Southern Minnesota, the company is giving customers more control over their indoor environment.

Their programmable thermostats are jam-packed with the latest technology and features, allowing homeowners and businesses to automatically adjust temperatures based on their needs at specific times and on specific days. This level of customization allows heating and cooling systems to run more efficiently and affordably.

Here are just some of the advantages of programmable thermostats:

- Lower energy bills
- Improved system efficiency up to 10 percent
- Ease of operation
- Customized date and time settings

Linking a programmable thermostat with a zoned cooling and heating system sends control and efficiency to an even higher level. Here's how it works: Whenever a specific area (or zone) reaches a pre-determined temperature, the dampers in the ducts redirect air to other zones. Setting a threshold for each zone increases efficiency and allows a home or business to reach the desired comfort level more quickly.

Benefits include:

- No more hot and cold spots
- Greater system efficiency
- Less energy consumption
- Savings on utility bills
- Ability to customize climates

There are certain things in life that can't be controlled. But with Tonna Mechanical, home comfort is never one of them.

Tonna Mechanical offers a broad range of services including heating repair in Spring Valley, MN, and throughout Southern Minnesota. It is also the area's leading provider of ventilation and water treatment services. To learn more about Tonna, visit the company's website.

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Tonna Mechanical has been committed to delivering comfort to every nook and cranny of homes and businesses in the Rochester, MN, area for more than 40 years. This trusted provider is known for restoring indoor comfort using its experience and expertise in heating, cooling, ventilation, water treatment and plumbing.