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Tony Kazal Intervenes on Behalf of Four N Property LLC to Support Their Opinion on the Future Direction of International Property Services, UAE


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2014 -- Tony Kazal was asked to attend an informal meeting of UAE Directors of International Property Services (IPS) in September 2009 to support Four N Property LLC’s opinion that urgent action needed be taken to ensure the future of IPS. Four N principals had contacted Tony to voice their increasing concerns regarding the on-going charges from Davids Group Pty Limited, a partner of the UAE joint venture, that jeopardised the financial viability of IPS.

Attending the meeting to support the opinion of the delegates from Four N, Tony confirmed that a complete review of all charges to the joint venture should be undertaken as soon as possible with a view to producing a revised Business Plan that took into account the changes to the world’s current financial state. A further proposal considered at the meeting was that in the new Business Plan any fees payable to Charif Kazal be suspended as he had not attended Board meetings for the past 9 months nor fulfilled his obligations in his role as Executive Director. Tony Kazal concurred with this proposal.

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Kazal Family Story’s website has been developed to provide the public with the other side of the story so they can understand what was actually behind the smear campaign conducted in the Sydney Morning Herald. It also explains how Linton Besser aided and abetted Rodric David in his mission to destroy the Kazal family for financial gain; the financial gain was significant, not in the thousand dollar range but in the multi-millions of dollars range.