Tools to Cure Runner's Knee


White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/12/2017 -- TeamSoda Fitness is excited to explain how the owner of TeamSoda Fitness, Exton Male, cured his runner's knee.

Exton has been an active runner for over 20 years, and when his knee started aching in November 2016 he put it down to getting old. He made an appointment with the physician and was referred to a physiotherapist who diagnosed the problem immediately.

The 'patella tendinopathy' that was troubling him had been caused by the stiffness and lack of mobility in Exton's leg. The doctor asked Exton if he'd ever used a foam roller. Embarrassed, he replied "No, I don't use them, I sell them!". He started using one and immediately experienced great pain relief. After 3 weeks of consistent use, maybe 2-3 minutes daily, he embarked on a gentle run and has not looked back since!

TeamSoda have bundled together 3 super effective self-massage tools, with a free carry bag to keep it all together.

18 inch Foam Roller: large enough to use comfortably, plus it's easy to store and carry. Great for using both before and after exercise, reduces soreness, improves flexibility and is great for recovery.

Double-Lacrosse Trigger Point Ball: Great for back, neck and shoulders. Allow it to activate those stressed trigger points in muscles and work towards effective myofascial release. Very easy to use and will saves fortunes in physio bills!

Muscle Roller Stick: the 7 individual massage rings roll away pain. Solid yet comfortable "no squeak" construction.

Buying these 3 massage tools would normally cost over $50, TeamSoda are currently promoting this bundle for just $24.99 + Shipping.

There is no better product available on the market. Go to today and take advantage of this fantastic new deal!

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