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Toonari Post Is Pioneering the Social Enterprise World

The Toonari Post has so far had the pleasure of welcoming more than 900 people from 104 countries to its virtual community, and with the new Center for New Media & Citizen Journalism


Saint Petersburg, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2012 -- The Toonari Post has so far had the pleasure of welcoming more than 900 people from 104 countries to its virtual community, and with the new Center for New Media & Citizen Journalism, Toonari Post has taken its first leap of establishing an international hub for media talent -- right here in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The center was launched with one thing in mind; revolutionizing access to media training for students, graduates and professionals as well as people with disabilities, with low income and from underprivileged communities. Our network has become an unprecedented outlet for academics, aspiring New Media experts and Citizen Journalists from around the world to explore their abilities and contribute to the important global distribution of news and ideas.

As a social enterprise, Toonari Post plans to give back to local communities mainly through free access to media training and education. The idea is to build the largest, international educational-network, which supports and celebrates intellectual curiosity, and active & ethical citizenship. Not only do we open local centers but eventually we aim to establish a larger university-style campus where in the mornings students and social entrepreneurs will take classes and in the afternoons work on projects for The Toonari Post, our flagship site, and for organizations and individuals for whom we provide pro bono work.

The center in St. Petersburg is the first of many to bridge the gap between skills and access. Because our volunteers provide their work with little to no payment, the education, training and mentoring they receive is completely free.

The Center for New Media & Citizen Journalism is now working with Creative Clay and Placement Works, two Tampa Bay non-profit organizations for people with disabilities.

Placement Works is a non-profit job placement organization for individuals with disabilities while Creative Clay Offers art classes to students of all ages with various disabilities in Florida. Toonari Post hopes to expand their network of collaborators to raise funds for future ventures and centers.

Toonari Post invites everybody to participate online or on site in Tampa Bay using the following link:

Toonari Post offers advertising products for profit companies such as ‘Sponsored Stories’, ‘News Category Sponsorships’ and online/local ‘New Media Workshops’. To learn more about our “DO GOOD” advertisement and New Media Training products (SEO, Analytics, Social Media, and Google Ad words) contact us at

About Toonari Post
Toonari Post is a Social Enterprise which provides aspiring journalists & young professionals (known as Toonarians) an opportunity to network, train and develop their careers by receiving hands-on training. We provide a diverse, multi-cultural environment for our Toonarians to flourish.

To date, Toonari has grown to over 900 young professionals across 104 countries and has seen Toonarians go on to launch their careers with local newspapers and large, global corporations.

Toonari represents a new kind of news media enterprise in which we focus on the advancement of young professionals around the world. Our idea is simple. By providing a network for aspiring professionals to further their education, train and network, we can ensure society will be furthered with a group of experienced, cultured leaders.

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