Joe Bragg Seeks to Bring Refreshing Change to the World of Online Search Engines


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/09/2012 -- Search engines have been an integral part of the internet ever since the World Wide Web was first created. Although rudimentary at first, search engines have become increasingly powerful over the years. Today, massive online companies like Google generate billions of dollars of revenue through search engine services., who have been getting a lot of attention lately, wants to bring a refreshing new look to the world of search engines. At, visitors will find a multi-functional search engine capable of performing a number of different types of searches.’s interface will be familiar to anybody who has used Google. The website features a clean search interface with no advertisements on the front page. After typing keywords into the Toopika search bar, visitors can either click “Search” or “I’m Feeling Lucky” to find the website they’re looking for.

Toopika also wants to be a multitask search engine, which means that it offers more than just traditional searching services. Visitors can search by specific topics or areas of interest, for example, by clicking on a dropdown menu at the top of the homepage. Using that menu, visitors can perform a forum search, a blog search, or even a sports search to find the topics they need.

Visitors can also sign up for email services through Toopika Mail. Toopika Mail features anti-spam protection and even its own smartphone app. After signing up for Toopika webmail, visitors will discover that their login transfers over to other Toopika services as well, including the Toopika search engine. isn’t the only website offered by Toopika Search. The online company also operates, an online video sharing service that will be familiar to anyone who has used YouTube. At, visitors will find everything from videos of their favorite celebrities to the hottest songs from this past week. seeks to impress its visitors with its multiple language offerings. Visitors can search Toopika in English, Spanish, French, German, and many other languages. A number of Asian languages are also offered, including Hindi, Tamil, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and others.

Whether searching the web in Tamil, Thai, or English, seeks to bring a different level of service to the world of search engines. With special searches for images, videos, sports, and other topics, as well as a fully functional Toopika Mail service, wants to make finding things online as easy as possible.

About is a new search engine that offers a wide range of internet searching services. Visitors can search specific topics using Toopika or choose from a wide variety of language options. For more information, please visit: