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Top 10 Cheapest No Contract Cell Phone Plans Announced by announces its list of Top 10 Cheapest No Contract Cell Phone Plans to readers. The list includes the least expensive plans for light, moderate and serious cell phone users.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2014 -- A list of the Top 10 Cheapest No Contract Cell Phone Plans has been announced by On this list, consumers can find details of the best and cheapest cell phone plans without contracts. Some of the top plans that made the list include TracFone's Pay As You Go plans, Virgin Mobile's PayLo plans and Straight Talk's unlimited cell phone plans.

The list includes recommendations for all types of cell phone users, including light and casual cell phone users, moderate or heavy phone users. Each of these groups of users can find the cheapest smartphone plans, plans with data and feature phone plans for non-smartphones to pick from.

The list focuses on no contract cell phone plans, which are cellular services that do not tether their customers to a 2-year contract. Besides being flexible in terms, they are also cheaper than traditional contract-based plans. While the concept of economical no contract cell phone plans make a lot of sense to most consumers, it is sometimes difficult to compare and find the best deals.

There are lots of different companies offering different types of plans, making it often difficult and confusing to compare and choose the right plan. Besides plan features and pricing, it could also be confusing to know if a company will indeed deliver clear phone connections and non-interrupted service.

By referring to this list of Top 10 Cheapest No Contract Cell Phone Plans as a guide, consumers have a quick way to know which companies are the best and cheapest. The list not only names the plans, but offers a comparative look on different prepaid plans. Readers can quickly review the comparison table for the different plan types, what's included and plan costs. It's a fast way to compare specific plans against each other and pick the best one.

On the list, readers will find plans offered by various cell phone companies such as TracFone, Virgin Mobile and Net10. The prices range from $7 (for light users) all the way to $55 a month (for heavy users). An example is TracFone's Pay As You Go plan which is $7 a month plan, which includes an averaged monthly quota of 60 minutes + 60 text messages + 60 MB data with Triple Minutes For Life. It is recommended for light phone users.

Another plan that made this list is Net10's $25 a month plan that includes 1,000 minutes of talk time. To access the list and compare the various plans, visit:

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