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Top 10 Cloud Storage Releases List of Top Five Reasons to Utilize Online Storage


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2012 -- In today’s technologically advanced world, the majority of people keep their most important documents and files in digital format on their home computer or laptop, from music and medical files to bills and business documents. This method of storage provides people with a large amount of space and easy access.

However, by storing documents on a singular device, owners are susceptible to a number of threats that can put their valuable files at risk.

Technology review site, Top 10 Cloud Storage, highly recommends people should backup their files with cloud storage. The site, which provides detailed information about a variety of online backup systems, says online storage not only gives people more storage space and allows them to access their files from anywhere, it safeguards their data.

Top 10 Cloud Storage recently released a list of five of the top reasons people should strongly consider backing up their files with online storage.

While many people don’t believe a natural disaster will ever happen to them, Top 10 Cloud Storage says it is something that needs to be taken into account. The site references the thousands of property owners in the UK who were affected by the recent floods. With four feet of standing water, many people lost personal items including computers.

The site also lists the possibility of house fires as a reason to utilize cloud hosting. Fires can be extremely devastating, not only threatening a person’s life, but also destroying all of their belongings.

Thirdly, Top 10 Cloud Storage warns people about the risk power surges pose to computers. While rare, power surges can occur as a result of adverse weather and can corrupt a computer’s hard drive if switched on at the time.

Laptops and computers are also susceptible to theft and loss. If stolen or lost, a person not only loses an expensive device, they lose all of their data.

Finally, the site points out how children can sometimes play a role in damaging a computer. Although they do not deliberately set out to destroy a parent’s important files, accidents happen that can leave a computer’s hard drive in bad shape, from spilled drinks to unintentional deletions.

According to Top 10 Cloud Storage, “So why is cloud storage such a good solution? Well, that’s simple. Because cloud storage backs up all of your data automatically on a daily basis to an offsite data center, no matter what happens to your computer or any of your devices, it will always be recoverable.”

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