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Sidoarjo, Indonesia -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2013 -- A good gaming mouse can dramatically improve performance in FPS, RTS and other games which require precision and fast reaction. Find the best gaming mouse for your needs in our top ten gaming mice review.

Every gamer wish to have improved performance in their games where fast reaction and precision is really needed. One of the means to reach that is by using a good gaming mouse. Any gamer can play RTS, FPS or some other games with a dramatically enhanced control with it. There are many aspects that a gamer would consider before purchasing a gaming mouse. Each gamer in this world has their own preference concerning the grip style of the gaming mouse. Some of them operate use their palm when using the mouse, while the rest might use their fingertip or claw. The grip style determines the shape and the size preferences of the gaming mouse. Other than that, the game they play also determines their gaming mouse choice. Keep on reading to find out the top 10 gaming mouse below.

Top 10 Gaming Mouse List Under $40

1. CM Storm Xornet
2. Logitech Gaming Mouse G300
3. A4Tech Heavyweight UltraCore3 Gaming Mouse
4. eBlue Cobra II 1600dpi Wired USB Gaming Optical Mouse
5. Anker High Precision Laser Gaming Mouse
6. CM Storm Recon
7. Perixx MX-1000 gaming mouse
8. E-Blue MAZER TYPE-R Cobra Gaming Mouse
9. A4 Tech XL-750F Gaming Mouse
10. Goldensunsky 1000/1600/2000dpi High Speed Wireless Gaming Optical Mouse

The type of game play a major role in purchasing a gaming mouse with a lower price. Pay a close attention to the game requirements of weight balance, speed, and resolution before choosing the right gaming mouse. The gaming mice enlisted below are affordable with lower budget. The top 10 gaming mouse under 40 list above consists of CM Storm Xornet, Logitech Gaming Mouse G300, A4Tech Heavyweight UltraCore3 Gaming Mouse, eBlue Cobra II 1600dpi Wired USB Gaming Optical Mouse, Anker High Precision Laser Gaming Mouse, CM Storm Recon, Perixx MX-1000 gaming mouse, E-Blue MAZER TYPE-R Cobra Gaming Mouse, A4 Tech XL-750F Gaming Mouse, Goldensunsky 1000/1600/2000dpi High Speed Wireless Gaming Optical Mouse. That are mice is the best choice to know for low budget high impact.

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