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Newport Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2014 -- is a website hosting provider. It is currently in its growth phase but has achieved great expansion ever since its establishment. The company has been actively involved with providing quality service to all its customers. Development of websites for personal use, business or education purposes is facilitated by Top Hosting Reviews. The company provides tools that help its customers to establish presence online to grow their business or follow and be followed. The website development tools are easy to use so that clients can customise the websites according to their business and desire. Once an e-commerce or business website is up and running, clients can gain advantage from the marketing and promotional tools offered by Top Hosting Reviews. In the present age, merely owning a website is not sufficient to make the business visible to mass who largely and often use search engines to quickly get to what they want to. In this scenario, being ahead on the all major search engines is the best technique for promotional and web traffic. Greater visibility on search engines impresses upon visitors’ mind that the website is much followed and highly rated. Thus, a cycle starts attracting more visitors and subsequently maintaining high position search results.

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Another service that Top Hosting Reviews is involved in is reviewing and rating. Reviews and rates are very helpful for online visitors, who get to know about the business or institution they are concerned with from third-parties. Blogs, forums and reviewing websites are major resources for netizens to find authentic information about certain products or services. Initially, when the trend of collecting feedback was started, the reviews and comments were posted on the webpage of the website. Reviewing and rating websites gained popularity as result of commercialisation of feedback and reviews. Websites like Top Hosting Reviews deploy technology to ensure that reviews and comments generated by application software or made by paid writers do not get posted on their webpage. They gain web traffic due to the authenticity of ratings and reviews at them. Top Hosting Reviews maintains high levels of security and executes elaborate measures for verification and validation. The reviews and ratings issues by Top Hosting Reviews are result of completely independent surveys and research. The results as reflected on the ratings or reviews are never under the influence of surveys, research or issues by other websites.

Green web hosting is gradually taking form of a trend. However, the continuity of such trends is very important in terms of ecological conservation and stability. Green web hosting is the idea of reducing, neutralising or reversing the impact of energy conservation on the Natural environment. Many big and small web hosting providers have identified the potential of other energy resources that are totally or considerably cleaner than conventional electricity production. Some hosting providers are involved with conservationist organisations and contribute to their cause to minimise or neutralise the impact made by their business. Indeed, this is a noble idea that reflects how preservation and development can proceed with hand in hand. Undoubtedly, like there are awards for various achievements in different fields, this service to the Nature deserves recognition too. Fortunately, there are organisations that reward or certify such effort. Similarly, Top Hosting Reviews plays its role in encouraging Green development and Nature conservation by rating enterprises according to their contribution to the Nature in their respective niches. This issue states top 10 Green hosting providers in the USA. The companies in descending order of their contribution, efficiency, flexibility and affordability in plans are HostGator, GreenGeeks, FatCow, iPage, Micfo, WebHostingPad, InMotion, Godaddy, Bluehost and Hostmonster.

Indeed, Green web hosting is a commendable idea and the need of the century in which Global warming and Ozone depletion have become serious issues.

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