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Northrook, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2019 -- Network Security Firewall Software protects business data by detecting potential cyberattacks as they enter the network. The solution monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security rules. When incoming traffic triggers a filter rule, the network security firewall will block it and send out an error response. Network Security Firewall Software offers data traffic control at both the network layer and the transport layer.
360Quadrants, the most granular comparison platform, has released a quadrant on Network Security Firewall Software to help businesses make quicker and more informed decisions. The quadrant has Anam Technologies Ltd, Cellusys, and TATA Communications Ltd sharing space as Visionary Leaders. 360Quadrants are generated post analysis of companies (product portfolios and business strategy). Quadrants will be updated every three months based on market and regional analyses and developments in Network Security Firewall Software. 360Quadrants also lists the 20 best companies in the Network Security Firewall Software space.
The Anam Messaging Firewall platform provides protection against messaging threats and security breaches. This platform has traffic-blocking capabilities and offers real-time decisive action on gray route, fraudulent, and spam messages. Anam Messaging Firewall allows enterprises to monitor and filter messages from key entry points by providing real-time intelligent detection and filtering options.
Cellusys Signalling Firewall integrates multiple protocols into a single platform and provides a central point for implementing network signaling security procedures. Cellusys Signalling Firewall uses a four-tiered approach to provide flexible and extensible telecommunications signaling security systems that include message screening, contextual awareness, near real-time streaming analysis, and reporting. Cellusys offers advanced signaling protection through Unified Signalling Firewall, its cross-protocol platform. The unified Cellusys Signalling Firewall system protects the network by positioning on its external links to other networks and filtering messages reaching the network. This ensures that threats cannot enter the network.
Tata Communications Managed SMS Firewall service helps to cost-effectively control SMS traffic and reduce subscriber threats, fraud, and spam from unauthorized SMS messages. Tata Communications Managed SMS Firewall allows operators to reduce SMS threats by monitoring and controlling fraud and spamming techniques. Tata Communications focuses on delivering services that cover the critical requirements of service providers and telecom operators. Its SMS firewall solution enables users to effectively reduce unwanted SMS traffic by providing access to control of filtering rules, parameters, and reporting via an online portal.
Network Security Firewall Software Quadrant Highlights
360Quadrants covers 26 companies in the Network Security Firewall Software space and places the top 15 of them in a quadrant based on their quality, reliability, and business outcome. 15 of these companies are categorized as Visionary Leaders, Innovators, Dynamic Differentiators, and Emerging Companies.
360Quadrants recognizes Symsoft, Anam Technologies Ltd, Cellusys, and TATA Communications Ltd as Visionary Leaders; BICS, Adaptive Mobile, and Evolved Intelligence as Innovators; HPE, Openmind Networks, Mavenir, and Telecom Italia Sparkle as Dynamic Differentiators; and AMD Telecom, Netnumber, Computaris, and HAUD Systems as Emerging Companies. The 360Quadrants platform provides the most granular Network Security Firewall Software comparisons between vendors.

The methodology used to rank vendors of Network Security Firewall Software involved the use of extensive secondary research to identify key vendors by referring to annual reports, press releases, investor presentations, white papers, and various related directories and databases. 26 key vendors were shortlisted based on their breadth of product offerings, organization size, and several other criteria. The scores and weights for shortlisted vendors against each parameter were finalized after extensive research. After the finalization of ratings, each vendor was placed in the most relevant quadrant based on its score in the product offering and business strategy parameters.

About 360Quadrants
360Quadrants is the largest marketplace looking to disrupt US $3.7 trillion of technology spend and is the only rating platform for vendors in the technology space that combines data from buyers, vendors, experts, and in-house analysts. The platform provides users access to unbiased information that helps them make qualified business decisions. 360Quadrants enables vendors to influence the business decisions of potential clients. Vendors get to win ideal new customers, customize their quadrants, decide key parameters, and position themselves strategically in a niche space, to be consumed by giants and start-ups alike. 360Quadrants aims to simplify and de-risk complex purchase decisions by providing buyers with real-world insights from their peers, industry experts, analysts, and vendors, helping buyers make more informed decisions and find the best-fit solutions faster. Experts get to grow their brand and increase their thought leadership. The platform targets the building of a social network that links industry experts with companies worldwide.
360Quadrants has also launched quadrants in fields like Application Modernization Services, AI Platform, and AI in Manufacturing.

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