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Top 3 Tips for How to Write a Movie Script Hollywood Will Buy

Six-step process seeks to help budding screenwriters write a compelling movie script that will actually put money in their pockets


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2014 -- Writing a movie script is hard work, but writing a script that Hollywood will actually buy can seem like a Herculean feat to the aspiring screenwriter. ScriptBully Magazine Editor Michael Rogan is convinced he can help make the task a lot easier. He shares three tips that have helped him succeed in the YouTube video blog How to Write a Movie Script That Hollywood Will Buy.

“Learning how to write a movie script that isn't just compelling, but also attractive to Hollywood decision-makers is a skill any halfway ambitious film scribe desperately wants to know,” says Rogan.

In seven minutes, his entertaining yet informative video blog guides screenwriters through a six-step process that’s designed to help them write a movie script that will catch the attention of film industry heavyweights.

“Best screenwriting advice I've heard in a long time,” says Karla McNeese, an aspirant screenwriter.

With more than 1,800 subscribers and nearly 100,000 views of his videos, Rogan’s YouTube channel is quickly becoming a go-to resource for budding screenwriters around the world who are looking for advice on script writing format. Rogan is also the author of five audiobooks and e-books on script writing.

How to Write a Movie Script That Hollywood Will Buy can be viewed on YouTube at

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