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Top 3 Tips for How to Write a Script That Wins Contests

Short video blog touts award-winning advice that will help contestants get their screenwriting efforts noticed.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2014 -- ScriptBully Magazine Editor Michael Rogan has participated in too many scriptwriting contests where avoidable mistakes landed a screenwriter’s hard work in the trash and out of the running for a coveted award. He wants to help his viewers avoid that fate. In his YouTube video blog How to Write a Script That Wins Contests: 3 Tips for How to Write a Script That's Awesome, he coaches screenwriters on how to write a movie script that garners attention.

“Winning a script contest can provide a major boost to your writing confidence, and give you access to the people who have access,” says Rogan. “It can be a great first step to giving your screenwriting career the turbo boost it needs.”

With a quick running time of just under three and a half minutes, Rogan’s video dishes what seems like common sense advice. But, in the frenzy of writing, many screenwriters who are new to the world of contests often make regrettable errors like ignoring a contest rule because they think it’s not that important. Not so, Rogan stresses. Following the rules to the letter is a critical piece of advice he shares.

With more than 1,800 subscribers and nearly 100,000 views of his videos, Rogan’s video blog is quickly becoming a go-to resource for budding screenwriters.

How to Write a Script That Wins Contests: 3 Tips for How to Write a Script That's Awesome can be viewed on YouTube at

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