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Top 5 Breast Pumps Reviewed at Thebreastpumpreviews.com's Newly Designed Site


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2014 -- Finding the best breast pump can be a frustrating search without a little expert advice from mom reviewers. Now, after over a year of internet silence, the breast pump review site, Thebreastpumpreviews.com has reentered the online world with more customer reviews and a more user-friendly look.

The site reviews all the popular brands on the market including Medela, Ameda breast pump, and Philips Avent pumps. Whether a nursing mother is looking for a manual pump, a single pump or a double electric like the Ameda Purely Yours, they will find detailed descriptions on each of the top pumps. Each review details the features, the pros and cons and a summary on the bottom line. For example, the Ameda purely yours double electric breast pump review summary states “The Ameda Purely Yours breast pump is undoubtedly made with working moms in mind. While some of the users do have minor complaints, many of them still say that you get value for money with this brand.”

No two mothers have the same set of needs and therefore, this site run by a mother provides tips on how to choose the best pump by comparing features and needs. Reviews urge mothers to determine the best fit for their needs by answering how often their milk needs to be expressed, how sensitive is their skin, portability, milk supply, number of children and budget. All of these factors are integrated into the details of the reviews so a Mom can decide if a classic Avent breast pump or a Medela Advanced personal double breast pump is the best choice. For instance the Medela double breast pump advanced is a popular electric breast pump specially designed for breastfeeding mothers who need to pump milk several times in a day. Meanwhile the Avent breast pump is an affordable pump with good value.

In addition, the site reviews and compares several versions of each brand. The Medela Symphony review reveals what this top of the line hospital grade pump does differently than any of the other pumps on the market. In essence, it explains why the price tag is so much higher than other choices. The site promises a thorough examination of breast pumps for the nursing mother.

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