"Top 50 Fat Burning Foods" - New Book Reveals the Secret

The brand new book “Top 50 Fat Burning Foods” just released by Kim Hald a well known health writer. According to the author the book is intended to be a guide to change your shopping habits to start living a slimmer and healthier life.


Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2013 -- “50 Fat Burning Foods" is a brand new book that provides some of the most important information available about fat burning foods. Losing weight is forefront on the minds of millions of people and most of these people understand that eating the right foods is key to losing weight. Finding those foods is not always easy and finding foods that boost metabolism and help the body burn fat can be a challenge.

This book and its author aim to reveal the top 50 fat burning foods so that people can make the right lifestyle choices when it comes to eating foods that spur weight loss. According to the author the book is not a diet handbook but rather an important guide to help people learn how to eat the foods that change their daily grocery shopping habits and boost their metabolism and in the process change their lives.

The book is 128 pages and is currently offered for free at www.goodfatburningfoods.com. Visitors to that site will be able to download this book by simply entering their name and email address on the home page. Once they have entered their information it’s a simple click to start downloading the book.

Each of the 128 pages of the book is filled with information about the top 50 fat burning foods. The information is provided to allow readers to immediately alter their shopping lists and start to eat the foods that will make them feel better and eventually make them thinner.

According to the author, the one of the most important benefits of reading the book is that it helps steer individuals away from the so-called “yo-yo” diet syndrome. The yo-yo diet syndrome is very common when using most of the current fad diets and it has been the ruin of many people’s weight loss dreams.

Doctors are quick to speak about the negative impacts of a yo-yo diet, so finding food that offers a fulfilling and healthy alternative to fad diets can actually help people prolong their lives. “50 Fat Burning Foods” not only helps people look better but also live better.

The foods offered in the newly released book are nutritious and taste great. Best of all they offer an effective way to lose weight and keep weight off.

To learn more about “50 Fat Burning Foods” and to download this important book for free visit http://www.goodfatburningfoods.com/ .

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