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Top 8 Food Rules for Getting Lean and Healthy Revealed in DailyHealthPost.com's New Report


Montreal, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2013 -- DailyHealthPost.com, a website dedicated to providing its readers with the latest nutrition, fitness, and health news, recently announced the launch of its new seven-page report, “Top 8 Food Rules You Need To Know To Be Truly Lean and Healthy.” The new publication, which can be downloaded immediately by entering an email address, shares eight important rules that people should abide by in order to achieve the most lean and healthy body possible.

“Top 8 Food Rules You Need To Know To Be Truly Lean and Healthy” begins by discussing basic methods that a person can use to attain a fit body through diet. For example, everyone should take special care to avoid fad diets, especially because many such meal plans are not created using scientific evidence.

“Our modern day food supply is quite different with fruits and vegetables that are bred for size and sweetness instead of natural nutrition,” stated the report.

The report goes on to explain the eight rules for a truly lean and fit body. Daily Health Post highlights each “Get Lean Rule” in blue, bolded text and follows up with an explanation of the rule. The website also includes a “Get Lean Tip” after each explanation, a suggestion that readers can use to make the most of the aforementioned Get Lean Rule.

Spread throughout the report are links to health articles on dailyhealthpost.com for a more detailed explanation of specific health topics.

For example, Get Lean Rule #3 goes into detail about hidden sugars. The rule encourages readers to avoid artificial sweeteners—a processed chemical—because they can increase blood sugar and send the pancreas into overdrive. The Get Lean Tip encourages individuals to read all labels before purchasing products and avoiding artificial sweeteners.

Some of the other Get Lean Rules published in “Top 8 Food Rules You Need To Know To Be Truly Lean and Healthy” include: eat more spices and herbs, avoid corn and canola oils, and consume whole eggs with egg whites.

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