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Top Canadian Retailer Markets Innovative Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Leading online retailer specializing in all natural Erectile Dysfunction treatment products in Canada announces it has successfully helped a record number of Canadian men with this condition with the Elator product.


Vancouver, British Columbia -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2013 -- The top recommended Canada based online retailer, MSPG Sales, has announced it has been able to help a record number of men suffering from the common condition of erectile dysfunction with its innovative product called “The Elator”.

The Elator natural ED treatment device is a safe external penile support device that is as quick and easy to use as a condom, and takes about 15 seconds to put on. With exclusive distribution in Canada, MSPG Sales is the go-to source for this exciting product and has gained a loyal following of satisfied clients who are finally able to put their condition of erectile dysfunction behind them and experience life fully once again.

The penile device was created to fill a demand of a more natural, non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical, safe and effective "side effects free" solution for erectile dysfunction.

When Viagra was introduced in 1998, it was believed this blue magic pill would solve all erectile dysfunction problems. However, after 12 years on the market Viagra official statistics are that it is effective for only 55% to 60% of all men. Viagra is also responsible for almost 30 different side effects, some of which are severe and could be fatal.

After 12 years of trials and product development, in 5 different medical urologist clinics across Chicago, Urologists have created a high quality and effective penile support device that has shown the ability to engage in intercourse 100% of the time with an overall 90% success rate with no harmful side-effects or ongoing drug expense. It's truly an all-natural solution to erectile dysfunction.

Considered a new product on the market today, it’s ideal for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction and the many causes of this condition such as diabetes or prostate removal.

MSPG Sales has enabled hundreds of men across Canada to rediscover their sexual performance safely and 100% naturally with the help of the Elator erectile dysfunction treatment product which can be evidenced by the positive testimonials on their website and social media. Completely discreet and professional, the company is confident that the product provides a superior option to harmful medications, and stands behind the Elator product with a full 1-year warranty.

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