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Top Cash Offer Announces Increase in Their Best Prices to a Potential 100% Market Value on Fast Sales can help people get cash for their homes in 7 days or less, and has now increased their best offers to include the possibility of getting 100% of the market value.


Gateshead, Tyne and Wear -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2016 -- The housing market in Britain is in a state of flux: stagnation in large parts of the country while others are sucked up property bubbles where prices spiral out of control. Many people caught in all this uncertainty need to sell their property, but those who need to sell fast almost always lose out, as it can take months or even years to confirm a sale. Top Cash Offer take a different approach to the fast sale of property, helping anyone sell their home in 7 days or less. They have just announced that their best offers are going up in price again, and could now be up to 100% of the standard market value.

The move is extraordinary to some, but thanks to the investment structure of the company they are able to mobilize funds to buy properties around the country, no matter the location or condition. Their assessors will always look to outbid the competition, even if means offering the full asking price.

These big changes come after several updates to the user experience, with a free online home valuation service that can deliver a price in minutes, no fees to pay at any point in the process, and payment delivered within seven days of the sale.

A spokesperson for Top Cash Offer explained, "We are the first company of this kind to offer 100% market value to those looking to sell homes in a hurry. Often individuals who need to sell their homes quickly get gouged on the true value of their property- we do not believe in that. We want to facilitate people getting access to the equity locked up in their homes, which is why we can even create rent-back agreements for selected customers. We make money doing business well, not by undermining value for our clients."

About Top Cash Offer
Top Cash Offer is a UK property agent that specialises in quick house sales for cash, selling via an alternative assisted sale route or simply listing on the open market with a view to creating a bidding war. They have multiple routes to selling property, and can assist any homeowner in selling regardless of their situation.

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