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Top Female Lawyer Launches Service to Defend Claimants Against Alleged Negligent Solicitors


Liverpool, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2013 -- In her years of experience, Attorney Claire Lamb has taken over many cases or filed professional negligence claims against solicitors, whose clients have been dissatisfied with the personal injury representation they’ve received. She has been called upon for this so often, in fact, that Lamb decided to launch a new branch of her personal injury law practice, Lamb and Co., to serve just these types of cases.

As part of the new service, Lamb and her colleagues perform an open, honest review of each claim and advise potential clients whether their case is an instance of negligence and presents an opportunity for legal recourse. “Our solicitors know the exact procedures that should have been followed with your case, and find it easy to spot the mistakes other solicitors have made,” Lamb said. “We appreciate that you may be apprehensive about using Lamb and Co. to make complaints against solicitors, and will only advise you to take action against your previous firm if there is a strong legal case.”

In Attorney Lamb’s experience, some of the most common instances of alleged solicitor negligence occur when firms fail to include claims for financial losses; miss important court deadlines; fail to file documentary evidence on time; misinterpret medical evidence; fail to obtain appropriate medical evidence to substantiate injuries or under-value the claim for damages. Her practice thoroughly investigates these and many other points when evaluating a case.

Lamb and Co. progresses claims on a no win, no fee basis, so clients are assured they’ll have no responsibility for the costs of pursuing the case should it fail. They can proceed without letting the fear of costs prevent them from making a claim against solicitors they believe provided poor quality service.

“At Lamb and Co., we believe there is no excuse for solicitors’ professional negligence,” Attorney Lamb continued. “So if your claim has been rushed through, mishandled, or even dismissed due to solicitors’ incompetence, we can work on your behalf to get you the compensation you deserve, either from a third party or your previous representation.”

About Lamb and Co.
Lamb and Co. are a specialist firm of no win, no fee personal injury solicitors, dedicated to recovering the maximum compensation for their clients. The firm is independent and does not obtain work from third party claims management referrals or insurance companies. For more than seven years, Lamb and Co. solicitors have helped clients successfully pursue personal injury claims. In that time, the highly qualified team has developed a reputation for achieving the best results in the shortest possible time. In 2010 - 2013, they successfully recovered more than 10 million pounds in compensation claims. For more information, visit: http://www.lamblaw.co.uk/complaints-and-claims-against-solicitors/