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Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2013 -- People could repair their own iPhone by themselves! These words and sentences might be a fairy tale at the past time. But, now this DIY repairing phenomenon has becoming very hot. The crazy developing of the online shop for repairing and supplying for wholesale cell phone spare parts should be the reason for the fairy tale.

If people enter the compound words wholesale cell phone spare parts, they would find online shop In this online shop, people could not only find the wholesale cell phone spare parts such as battery, camera, back cover, LCD screen, HOME key, audio cable and other kinds of accessories for Smart Phone, but also buy a full set of disassembly tools such as wholesale Apple iphone Replacement Glass as well as detailed disassembly instructions which could teach you how to repair its own mobile phone.

In the online cell phone accessories shop such as, people could find many kinds Cell phone repair Tools of mobile phone accessories such as iPhone, Nokia, Samsung, Sony and other brands. The charge men from the online seller revealed that the monthly sales for iPhone cell phone accessories can achieve more than 10 million dollars. On the other hand, the profit in this industry has growing with growth rate which is 20% to 30%. The development prospect for this industry is very good.

With the development of the online selling business of wholesale cell phone spare parts, the online service which is online DIY repairing has also become more and more popular. Some entrepreneur in mobile phone industry has begun to focus on this industry. The website is the good example for this trend. They could provide with people the professional "DIY" repairing service. Why this online repairing service could become popular? The client of said:"The cost for replacing the battery of branded Smart Phone should be 200 to 400 dollars. However, the price for this in the online platform is only 30 dollars." The price advantage has made the development of this have large space.

However, the business of genuine phone repairing shop has become badly. "Nowadays, the cell phone repairing shops are located at the streets here and there. There is too much competition among these shops. This kind of situation has directly affected the profit margins." one of the shop owners said. Finally, the small cell phone repair shops would be disappeared in this industry.

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It is the professional online seller for wholesale cell phone spare parts. could also Nokia repair parts provide with people the DIY cell phone repairing and all sorts of specializing cell phone repairing tools.

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