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Top Grade Online Seller for Cheap Nike Men Shoes Launches New Website


Anhui, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/11/2013 -- There is one interesting message about the Nike shoes market in British. According to the report of the British's media on July 25, two British women had found in their shopping process for sport shoes that the design of the cheap Nike men shoes is always better than the design of the female models. However, they could not purchase the same design of male models at the size of the female models. This kind of condition has let them become very boring. In that kind of situation, these two women were determined to change this kind of strange situation. The brand of Nike has been denounced by these consumers. Thus, they were held protest which had been inspired by the Nike slogan which is please just do it. They prefer to let Nike introduced the same female shoe which is similar with the male version.

The editor from website which is the top grade online shop for cheap Nike men shoes has cheap lv handbags said that Nike has obtained the market of sport shoes around for almost thirty years. Most of consumer for sport equipments around the world would prefer to choose Nike products such as cheap Nike men shoes as their best choice. This interesting news has directly give the alarm to Nike that they should pay more attention to the design of shoes which could be suitable with the women¡¯s need.

The name of these two protesters is Emily Hodgson and Emilie Riis. They had expressed their opinion in the interview that they were loyal consumers for Nike products and they also liked the design of male models of Nike shoes. For this reason, they must first make a protest to against the Nike. However, they have found the huge difference between the design of male and female models so they asked the Nike to employ the better designer to design girls¡¯ clothes.

These two women have already established a website which name is Purple Unicorn Planet where cheap michael kors handbags they have already shown a variety of cheap Nike men shoes which has including the initial listing of discounts and clearance sales. But when people click on their favorite pair of cheap Nike men shoes in this page, the page would indicate them that the size of Nike does not have female models. They want to tell people the fact that they need more male model shoes. However, if people want to purchase one pair of suitable cheap Nike men shoes, they could browse the website which is the high reputation online shopping mall for all kinds of cheap Nike men shoes.

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