Top Gun Security and Investigations Welcomes SSgt. Barragan


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2013 -- Top Gun Security and Investigations in Austin, Texas welcomes SSgt. Barragan as team leader in the Human Resources and Administrative department.

SSgt. Barragan Served his country in the United States Army as a 94F with 3RD Armored Calvary Regiment Fort Hood, Tx. As a 94F SSgt. Barragan was responsible for the repair of night vision, mine dispensers, FBCB2’s, Blue Force trackers, and other classified items that requires a Secret security clearance valid through 2017.

SSgt. Barragan currently holds:
- Level Two Non-Commissioned Security Officer License (Unarmed)
- Level Three Commissioned Security Officer License (Armed)
- Pepper Spray User certificate (With Exposure)
- ASP Collapsible Tactical Baton User certificate
- ASP Tactical Hand Cuffing certificate
- Taser International M26/X26 User certificate (With Exposure)
- Combat Life Saver certificate
- TCLEOSE Basic Active Shooter Response Officer Certificate
- TCLEOSE Advanced Active Shooter Response Officer Certificate

SSgt. Barragan is an experienced patrol supervisor, field training officer (FTO), gang identification officer, and a narcotics recognition officer. SSgt. Barragan is responsible for multiple arrests ranging from Criminal Trespass to Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

SSgt Barragan specializes in teaching fellow officers:
- Crime Scene Management
- Officer Safety
- Use of Force
- Situational Awareness
- Verbal Judo
- De-escalation Techniques
- Control and Custody Techniques

About SSgt Barragan
SSgt Barragan looks forward in growing Top Gun Austin and becoming a future instructor. He is currently leading Top Gun Austin’s Human Resources and Administrative departments. His goal as HR is to provide Top Gun Austin’s Clients with the best officers available and to provide both the Clients and the Employees the best available resources to keep ones property a safe and secured!

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