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Top Home Remodeling and Interior Design Trends - Bathroom Remodeling Walnut Creek


Lafayette, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2014 -- The progression of home designs can be very hard to predict. It is hard to determine what styles will stick and what won’t. Interior design trends disappear and come back every now and then. For example, back in the 50’s, many homeowners got rid of their intricate Victorian home details and replaced them with vinyl and plastic materials. Today, Victorian-inspired homes have become precious historic treasures with very expensive price tags.

During the last decade, we have witnessed some dramatic decorating trends come out. Although some of these designs will stay, others will be forgotten. Let us take a look at some of the hottest home remodeling and interior design trends this year.

- Kitchen enhancements – the centre of a home

The centre of a modern home is the kitchen. It is where people gather most of the time. Expansive kitchen islands provide folks with a lot of space to work, hang out, and eat in one central area. The modern kitchen has gone forward and become into a contemporary living room extension. Kitchen islands offer versatility and that is the reason why more and more homeowners refurbish their kitchens with island structures. They can be used as the main kitchen work space, a supplementary work space, and additional storage.

- Informal Dining

When not utilized as a dining area, a bright and very comfy breakfast area can double up as a place where you can do your homework or some relaxed reading. A banquette can be used to expand kitchen space since the seats can be pushed to the wall. You can also make the most out of the space occupied by banquettes by using the space underneath the seats as storage.

- Entertainment Area

The ordinary family home is slowly getting smaller, with many of the rooms being transformed into more casual living areas for the entire family to appreciate. It does not matter if it’s the living room or the basement, a well-furnished gathering area filled with comfy furniture, the right technology, and entertainment set up has become a requirement in today's homes.

- Open and Interconnected Floors Are In

Today, the latest home remodeling trends call for the walls to come down. The latest construction designs show off relaxed open living spaces that offer a number of functions that match the needs of every family member. Built-ins and more than one entry points are ways to assign activity areas in merged rooms. This style is more inviting.

- Bathroom that Look Like Spas

The bathroom is no longer your ordinary function room. Today, they have been transformed into well-appointed and calming retreats. The latest bathroom projects split the shower spaces and the tub. The most popular bathroom enhancements include multiple shower heads, a dedicated grooming area, and heated floorings.

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