Top Jogos Online Adds Hundreds of New Free Games to Their Platform- Users Give Rave Reviews


Portal, Portugal -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2011 -- Top Jogos Online, a popular website that consolidates all the best free online games on the market, is announcing the recent addition of hundreds of games to their platform that users are calling: “one of the best places to find high quality free games on the internet.”

Until recently, online gamers had extremely limited choices when it came to free games. This was especially true when it came to “high quality” games, which a gamer would be lucky to stumble across after sifting through hundreds of lackluster games that made the graphics from the 1980’s seem advanced. But today, as the demand for high quality free games hits an all time high, a record number of game developers are releasing high quality online games to the public- and many for the unbeatable price of FREE.

This new trend is the basis for Top Jogos Online. By painstakingly combing the internet for the best free games on the market; the website is able to provide its users with hundreds of highly sought after free online games that would have warranted a sizable price tag just a few years ago.

In fact, Top Jogos Online has so many free game titles that they have to categorize them according to game genre just to keep them organized. Category titles such as “Jogos do Mario,” which is the “Mario Brothers” category, or “Jogos de Moto,” which is the category that contains over 80 free motorcycle related games, fills up their site. When a gamer hits their landing page he/she is given thousands of options that are all neatly categorized in a intuitive user dashboard that makes searching for titles easy and convenient.

For online gamers such as Marco Barros, Top Jogos Online is one of his daily stops: “I love this website because it isn’t pushy like a lot of the other free online game websites. It takes you right to the game you’re looking for without making you jump through a painful series of hoops before getting there. It has high quality games and a ton of them. I would suggest Top Jogos Online to anyone searching for top quality free games that they can access fast. You pick your game and play; it is as simple as that.”

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