Top Money Making Link Shortening Content Locker Website Under New Ownership


North Palm Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2013 -- Since viral success from start-up in 2011, BEE4.BIZ ( has successfully generated over hundreds of thousands of dollars for their website users. The BEE4.BIZ website offers a proprietary tool that allows users to lock and shorten links to generate income. The 30,000 plus current users will now benefit from changes under the site's new ownership.

With less than a week of new ownership, the Bee4.Biz website has already made some major improvements. The new management team has initiated the following: A Top Earners Program, an Increased Pay Scale and developed a new Content Gateway.

BEE4.BIZ, has permanently increased user earnings by 30% pushing the pay scale above and beyond competitor websites. Not only will users now earn more money than users from competing websites but they also have the opportunity to earn a 5% bonus on monthly earnings for becoming a part of the new top earners program. The top three earners will receive a 5% bonus on that month's earnings. With the brand new content gateway design, users will also experience an increase in EPC, resulting in even more earnings.

Thanks to the new management team at BEE4.BIZ, users can expect to generate much more income from their locked content. As the website continues to grow in popularity, new service developments and additional pay increases are expected.

About Bee4.Biz
The website is a link shortening service that generates substantial income for online enthusiasts. Users have the ability to lock the links of their content with a content gateway. The link shortening service allows users to track visits and leads generated as well as protect the address of their content. With each lead generated, users are paid up to $12 with an average of $500 per 1000 leads.

Media Contact:
Jeremy Marshall
North Palm Beach, FL 33408