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FileBound document management software is being offered by Tallega Software.


Irvine, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2012 -- Tallega Software is currently offering a variety of document management services and software. They are an executive partner and premier provider of FileBound. FileBound is a great document management software. FileBound offers excellent scalability and the most flexible software licensing models available in the industry today. Companies that take advantage of FileBound and Tallega’s expertise have experienced tangible benefits, such as, reduced operating costs, increased productivity, improved customer service, eliminated paper processes and much more.

With FileBound, companies are able to keep their records safe and out of harm's way. The software connects businesses to their documents from any available from any internet connection, be a computer or smart device. By using FileBound, companies will never have to deal with lost files and wasted time with trying their documents. Customers of Tallega have improved their AR turn, without adding staff. The software offers high quality document management for not only those working in the office or around the world, but also for those at home.

By using web based document management, users can reduce capital investment. Tallega software proudly offers FileBound On-Demand. By using FileBound On-Demand, individuals will be able to notify others of pending requests, perform physical audits and manage requests for file stores off-site. They will also be able to index images by using data entry, OCR or barcode recognition. FileBound On-Demand is easy to use, fast, secure and flexible.

Tallega Software has put serious effort into only partnering with the best document management software companies on the market. Tallega’s partnership with FileBound is unique because they use Equinix for their hosted document management solutions. Equinix is a high quality global provider of network-neutral data centers. Over ninety percent of the Internet Routes throughout the world are being provided by Equinix's data centers.

The customers who use Tallega Software's FileBound use it in order to gain control, manage and distribute document images through secure management. FileBound is for companies both big and small.

About Tallega Software
Tallega Software offers a variety of document management software, like FileBound. They are the top supplier of document software management online and have gained the trust of many individuals throughout the world. For more information, contact Derek Gerber via email at or at or by phone at 9493679860.