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Top NYC Plastic Surgeon Reports Unexpected Rise in Patients from the Middle East


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2014 -- In what appears to be a new trend in medical tourism New York City plastic surgeons are seeing a rise in patients seeking plastic surgery in Manhattan from several Middle Eastern countries. While aesthetic plastic surgery procedures are available in the Middle East patients with means who can travel anywhere recognize New York City as a safe choice filled with skilled, highly experienced plastic surgeons.

According to Douglas Senderoff, MD, FACS a NYC “Super Doctor” for 3 consecutive years, “I have seen a steady rise in patients from the Middle East and I now even offer Skype consultations to accommodate the international requests”.

For years much has been made of patients from the United States seeking plastic surgery in Third World countries such as the Dominican Republic, Thailand and in South America. According to Dr. Senderoff a board-certified plastic surgeon located in Manhattan New York there has been a surge of patients from several countries in the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Yemen seeking plastic surgery procedures in New York City. While patients from Europe have for years sought plastic surgery consultations in New York City it is an unexpected phenomenon to see the new demographic of wealthy young Middle Eastern men and women who have disposable income and are interested in traveling to NYC for surgery. Dr. Senderoff speculates that part of the reason that patients are traveling to the United States for plastic surgery from the Middle East is the abundance of U.S. plastic surgery reality shows and entertainment news segments that through the Internet are available to patients around the world.

Dr. Senderoff who performs surgery in his luxurious fully accredited outpatient surgical facility located on Park Avenue South in Manhattan remarks "New York City is the greatest city in the world and we have the best surgeons and medical institutions anywhere."

The proximity of New York City to the Middle East as well as the easy availability of flights makes traveling to the Big Apple convenient for Middle Eastern patients who would like to enjoy the shopping and food in New York City before undergoing the knife. In addition, postoperative care can be rendered in the privacy of one of the cities many luxury hotels aided by a private duty nurse.

Dr. Senderoff recalls one of his patients, a sheik from Kuwait who rented a 4 bedroom penthouse suite at one of the top hotels in New York City during his recovery from multiple cosmetic surgery procedures. "I don't usually make house calls but when providing an ultra premium level of service to special patients I will make an exception" says Dr. Senderoff after recalling a postoperative visit to the penthouse suite at the Gansevoort Hotel on Park Avenue South.

Dr. Senderoff comments "patients see what we are capable of doing here in the United States and particularly in New York City and they compare that level of care to what's available in their home country." Part of Dr. Senderoff's international popularity is that he offers a variety of procedures that are not available in many parts of the world. According to Dr. Senderoff, who has a global reputation for body contouring procedures including liposuction with fat transfer, pectoral implants, buttock implants, and biceps implants, there's an increased interest in male plastic surgery in countries such as Kuwait and Saudi Arabia where there are changing perceptions of male beauty. In addition, there are a variety of new technologies in breast augmentation available to U.S. plastic surgeons including anatomically shaped highly cohesive gel breast implants and absorbable mesh used to reinforce weak tissue and correct breast asymmetry. These products enable U.S. plastic surgeons to compete on a global scale and achieve results that are better than ever before.

Dr. Senderoff cautions that traveling for plastic surgery procedures requires that the patient stay in NYC for enough time to recuperate before returning home. In addition there are potential complications that may warrant a longer visit than anticipated. Patients may need to follow up with a qualified plastic surgeon in their home country if there are unexpected concerns after they return home. Dr. Senderoff says "I worry about my international patients more than my local patients since they are not able to pop in for follow up visits at the spur of the moment." As a best rated plastic surgeon on numerous plastic surgery websites Dr. Senderoff concludes, “I ensure that all my patients, domestic and international, receive the best possible pre and post surgery care. My patients can contact me 24/7/365. My plastic surgery philosophy is to provide my patients with the best plastic surgery experience in the world.

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