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Hubei, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2013 -- People who often take part in the COS activities should have fully understanding that COSER run into a lot of unexpected events in their performance process. These troubles have concluded the non-bring for small wig net, props damaged and a variety of other situations. Each encountering with this kind of thing would let people enter into more troublesome situation. Today, the best online business for COSPLAY costumes for sale ( would tell people some basically troubles in the COS performance.

The first trouble should be related with the wig net. On the other hand, this trouble is also the most troublesome thing in the makeup process. However, the function of the wig net could not be ignored but this thing is also easy to be forgotten by people. When COSERS are preparing all of COS props, the COS equipments will be usually divided into COS wig hair accessories, costume jewelry, shoes, weapons and others. In this kind of situation, the wig net would be often ignored or missed. The impact of this issue will be very headache for female COSERS.

The other point should be the mirror and comb which people could use to care for their wig after the making up. These two things would be also easy to be ignored before the COS performance. These things such as comb and mirror are very useful tool for people to self-care their wigs. In this case, people should not forget to take comb and mirror.

In fact, the most terrible matter for people who would take part into the COS performance should be special occasion dresses for women the damage of props and equipments such as cosplay costumes for sale. The most common damage should be the fracture of long props such as weapons. In the rehearsal on the stage, most of COSERS are particularly prone to such situations. In this kind of situation, officers on the stage should have special care. On the other hand, during the transporting process, the damage for COS props would also be easy to be appeared. In the situation of breaking, people should use the special things such as strong glue and knife. These tools should be much more essential in the emergency situation. Even if the broken one could not be not completely repaired, it could help people get through a match. So, these things are necessary.

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