Peter Leeds Now Launches His Latest E-Book to Aid Trading Top Penny Stocks

Peter Leeds, a renowned penny stock analyst has now published his latest e-book, Pennies to Fortunes, online for free. His book contains the list of hot penny stocks that pass Peter’s fundamental, technical, and third level analysis. Traders and fans can go through this book to educate themselves before investing into the stock markets. It tells the investors when to invest and which stocks they should choose.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2013 -- The e-book “Pennies to Fortunes” has answers for all of the questions that a trader might ask. The key features include, the 3 Don'ts of penny stocks, important penny stock truths, insider secrets, best sources of penny stock picks, averaging down, and why to avoid it, reverse Splits and how they trick you.

This e-book provides traders with instant access to all of the information they need to trade penny stocks profitably, and dozens of trading strategy articles along with numerous insider secrets and several surprising truths about penny stocks.

Peter Leeds and his team work hard to profile high quality and fundamentally sound investing opportunities, free of vested interests or hidden motivations. A representative while elaborating further stated, “Our team works behind the scenes to find the sleeper stocks that the market pros don't know about and that are ready to post enormous gains. We equip you for safer investing with dozens of easy-to-read profit maker articles, which cover topics like risk-free investing through paper trading. We also limit our hot penny stock picks to the safest stock exchanges, where you're certain to be able to cash out once you've made a profit.”

Apart from all of this, traders can simply sign up at and subscribe to all of the current and top penny stock updates. Peter Leeds provides his subscribers with the best picks.

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