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Top SEO Company in Singapore Reveals the #1 Mistake Most Companies Are Making


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/17/2013 -- There are millions of websites on the internet and most of them including the big players are making a huge mistake, claims Idris Arkette founder of 3Clicks, a top SEO company in Singapore.

“It’s not good enough to acquire a single page 1 position, you need multiple positions on Google to get real traction from the search engine giant”, says Idris.

This is the reason why some companies flourish within Google’s ranking system while others languish miserably struggling month after month desperately trying to get SEO services to work.

It’s the #1 reason why most companies get frustrated, throw in the towel and give up on search engine optimization.

It gets more serious.

Idris says, apart from scoring multiple page 1 positions, there are several other critical factors to pay keep your eyes on in order to get the most out of Google, such as:

- Hand picking the right keywords.

The entire foundation of SEO has to be built on selecting the right keywords, get this step wrong and everything crumbles into a heap of dust.

There are 3 criteria which every keyword must possess.

“Before beginning any SEO campaign with my clients, I ensure that each keyword possesses 3 criteria. If a keyword fails to meet the standard, they are never used as part of my SEO service, because, it will only waste precious time”, adds Idris.

- Applying appropriate and long-term backlinking strategies.

Here today gone tomorrow, is a mystery many companies grapple to understand when it comes to ranking on Google. This phenomenon happens to websites which fail to deploy sustainable and long-term backlinking techniques.

“Sure there will be ways to game the system and it may produce results, however, those results are mostly temporary by nature and not worth the risk of getting punished by Google. 3Clicks utilises only long term strategies which gets your website ranked and keeps it there.” Says Idris.

- Sending online visitors to the correct content.

In your efforts to rank your website, please ensure you are directing that valuable traffic to pages which helps you accomplish your business goals.

Certain pages can be ranked on Google to help you increase your subscriber base, to increase enquiries or boost sales.

Choose the correct page to focus on and your search engine optimization efforts will pay off handsomely.

“Because of the sales copywriting experience I have, my SEO clients get the very best of both worlds. An SEO service which ranks them high on page 1 of Google and a webpage which converts readers into action takers,” adds Idris.

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