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Tenafly, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/17/2013 -- When it comes to the stock market, the blunt reality is: most people fail miserably. The truth is that there is an enormously high failure rate because it’s so easy to get into the game. All you have to do is open up your laptop, find an online service for your stocks and options trading, and that’s it – you’re ready for success. Or so you’d hope.

Unfortunately, being able to trade doesn’t mean you know how to trade. Even if you educate yourself on the machinations of trading stocks and options, being able to successfully predict a stock price and turn a profit consistently is something that the average trader just will not be able to do on his own. That’s where websites like come in.

Phil’s Stock World is a premium stock market newsletter that provides market education and live trading guidance to its Members. Phil Davis, CEO of the company, is an industry leader and expert at portfolio management and training. He is considered a shining star among peers, and in late 2007, he famously predicted the impending market crash and the subsequent correction 2 years later. Many of the illuminating articles from his site are featured on the most internationally respected finance outlets in the world including MSN Money, Forbes, Seeking Alpha, Business Insider, Yahoo and Google Finance.

In mid-April, published an article about using stock options to take advantage of the rally seen recently in the market. His picks made an average of 1,816%... in just 21 days. And no, that’s not a typo. Results like these are the reason Premium Memberships to Philstockworld are wait-listed at $500 per month, placing Phil Davis in the elite of the Financial Blogosphere.

Mr. Davis obviously isn’t a one hit wonder, and his major event predictions from years ago were only the beginning. In the early parts of January 2012, Davis said that Bank of America (BAC) was where plays should be made and named it his top stock pick of the year – going so far in a TV interview as to boldly say investors would do well to put 100% of their money in BAC and take the year off. By the end of that year, BAC was the best performing stock in the S&P 500.

Then, just five short months ago, Davis went live on Business News Network with forecasts that have already produced massive returns. His predictions made 55% on Apple, 45% on Chimera Investments, and a stunning 589% on Tesla. But that is nothing compared to the trading expertise he demonstrated in April 2013. also offers more affordable subscription services as low as $49 per month to teach like-minded individuals the keys to finding success in option and futures trading, as well as portfolio management. “The membership portion of the website has the real education, tips and training for stock traders. Best of all, it is about the same price as a single trade with a broker, so the benefits are very real with,” said Davis.

Phil'sStockWorld was founded by Phil Davis. It is a premium subscription service that teaches stock, options and futures trading, portfolio management skills and advanced income-producing strategies for investors. The mission is to educate investors and provide “High Finance for Real People – Fun and Profits.”


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