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Top Toys List Helps Parents Figure Out What Kids May Be Asking Santa For

Webmaster at Top Toys Guide offers descriptions and reviews of popular children’s toys.


St. Paul, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/28/2011 -- With the holiday season just a few short months away, parents will soon be requesting Christmas lists from excited children of all ages. However if you want to get an early start on the holiday shopping, webmaster Keegan Tammen may be able to help. Since 2010 Tammen has maintained a top toys list at Her site features everything from top toys for toddler boys to games that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

“Kids are no different from adults. They want the toys they see on television commercials and on the Internet. If they’re wide-eyed over a friends VTech V. Reader, then you’d better start looking at the VTech V. Reader reviews, because that’s what they’re going to be asking for,” Tammen explained. “I’m always scanning the landscape to see what I should be adding to my top toys list. Parents say it’s a great help to have the reviews and the lowest prices in one place.”

Some of the stocking stuffers on Tammen’s current list include:

* Zoobles Petagonia Gift Pack - The gift pack comes with five Zoobles and a carrying case. According to Tammen, the Zoobles package says they’re appropriate for children 4 and up. She recommends only giving them to children who have moved past the toy-in-mouth phase.

* Sort it Out board game - According to Tammen’s Sort it Out review, “It’s a simple family game that everyone can learn to play in about five minutes. But don’t let its simplicity fool you… it can provide hours of play time.”

* Magic Orbeez Maker - In her Magic Orbeez Maker review, Tammen admits that this toy appeals to kids and adults because of its novelty. The Orbeez start off as little balls that grow, becoming soft and squishy, when placed in water. An activity book comes with the Magic Orbeez Maker providing various play ideas.

Additional reviews – including top toys from Christmas 2010 – can be found at" href="">Top Toys Guide,>.

About Top Toys Guide:
Top Toys Guide provides descriptions and reviews for new children’s toys. The blog is run by mom and kid-at-heart, Keegan Tammen.